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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4-9 Tranmission & Differentials

Technical Information.



The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions IV, V, VI, T.M.Edition, VII, VIII, 8MR & IX have various transmission and differential options available. This information bulletin is intended to help you choose the correct transmission and differential specification for your purpose and to allow you to comply with the relevant technical regulations.

Original Equipment Choices:

The standard Lancer Evolution IV, V,VI & T.M.Edition cars were produced by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation ("MMC") with two choices of:

  •     Gearbox ratios
  •     Front differential
  •     Final drive ratio

These are standard MMC parts and were all homologated in Groups N & A.

The above three items were allowed within Group A and N regulations, in many combinations of the three. There is a separate sheet which shows the MMC part No's for these parts, included in our catalogue (upon request). Individual parts No's for items within the gearboxes, differentials and transfers can be obtained from the Limited-Slip parts dept.


Competition Differentials:

Limited-Slip has been able to supply a variety of special differentials, including the following:


A. Ralliart Front Limited Slip Differential Kit – Original Version (RA763555S1/2)
This offers a mechanical plated type Front Limited Slip Differential, together with an uprated Viscous Coupling Unit ('VCU') for the Centre Differential. The kit includes the LSD unit, the VCU and also replacement output flange and output shafts, together with an 'O' ring seal. Each of these parts is available separately. However, service parts are not always readily available for the LSD unit.

The Ralliart LSD unit can only be fitted with the uprated VCU, due to a different PCD on the fitting flange, compared with the standard/original parts. For this reason, this kit is not allowed under Group N regulations.

The Ralliart Front LSD and uprated viscous Kit is only homologated for Group A, but is ideal for private drivers who cannot have available a variety of different specification components for different surfaces/events.

The Ralliart mechanical front LSD unit is stronger than a standard/Group N part and is, therefore, more reliable than the original equipment helical gear type LSD.


B. Ralliart Front Limited Slip Differential Kit – New Versions (RA763555N3/RA580103S1))
In line with the new regulations Ralliart Inc. has homologated a new LSD unit to work with the standard viscous coupling of the E5/6 - RA763555N3.
A similar unit has been developed and homologated for the Evolution 7, to work with the Active Centre Diff. (ACD) - RA580103S1
C. KAAZ Front and Centre Limited Slip Differential Kits  - Evo1-10
KAAZ Corp. is a Japanese Company, which manufactures LSD units for a range of Japanese & European makes and models of car. For the Evolution Lancers 1 - 10 they produce mechanical, plated Limited Slip Differential units, which replace the Front, Centre & Rear Differentials (but only rear of Evo7-10). Kaaz also produce service and maintenance parts. For different conditions and driver preferences the KAAZ LSD can be set-up with different pre-loads. However, the KAAZ LSD's are not legal for use under Group N rules - as they are not homologated and you must retain the standard Viscous Coupling or ActiveCentreDiff for FIA Group N.
For Group A and Open Regulations the Kaaz front and centre LSD units can be installed. The centre LSD is installed in the gearbox, whilst the original VCU, which as standard is within the Transfer Box, is removed when the front LSD is fitted therein (the LSD is big, so VCU has to be removed). Limited-Slip also has available such as an uprated output shaft made from better material and with improved heat treatment finish.
D. Cusco Front, Centre & Rear Limited Slip Differentials
The LSD's produced by Cusco are similar to the KAAZ items, but they are not legal for Group N use and can only be used within Group A or Open Regulations.

Evolution VII


A.   Front Differential
The cars are available with either the helical gear Limited Slip Differential or a normal open differential.  The front differential is housed in the transfer box, together with the Active Centre Differential (ACD) or the alternative Viscous Coupling Unit. (VCU-  is not homologated).
B.   Centre Differential
The cars were available with electrically controlled Active centre Differential (ACD).  Basically this is a multiplate clutch in place of a centre differential with a VCU.  Increasing or decreasing the hydraulic pressure to govern the clamping forces between the plates modulates the centre differential's lock ratio.


This bulletin is not intended as a comprehensive guide to all information and data on the transmissions of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions IV,V,VI (Carisma GT), TME, VII, VIII+MR, IX.   Rather as a guide which can help you choose which basic package is ideally suited for your purpose. Should you require further detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the Limited-Slip office.


For The Full Document & Tech Specs Download Here


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