KAAZ 1.5-Way Super Q LSD Mazda MPS 3-6 MX-6

New KAAZ 1.5-Way Super Q LSD Mazda MPS 3-6 MX-6

Kaaz Super-Q units are designed to perform at lower operating sounds and overall superior total performance. Features include: Dramatically reduced chattering noise, Excellent Heat Dissipation, Smoother Engagement, longer life-wear, and no break-in period required!

All KAAZ LSD's feature the best locking ratio's with lightning fast reaction engagement and reaction. KAAZ is also the pioneer of being the first to use "Large Clutch Discs" in a mechanical limited slip differential. Providing units that are already a step ahead against the competition. The Super Q units set a new bench mark within mechanical/clutch type after market performance clutch type L.S.D.'s! As always with KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials...improve your driving, lap times, drifting and overall performance with a KAAZ Competition LSD.

Many assume that limited slip differentials from different manufacturers are all the same, however, KAAZ use a clutch type differential, which is beneficial to road racing due to liner/faster lockup with more predictability.

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